Comic Book Review: Justice League #19

JL #19 art
The death of Damien is still being felt within the Batman family. An ailing Alfred is explaining the need to encase the late Robin’s uniform to Red Hood when an unexpected visitor descends upon them in a calculated attack. The intruder bypasses of all Batman’s security systems to reach his goal, a hidden compartment in the cave. With Alfred and the Red Hood incapacitated the intruder is in and out in a few moments. Batman gets certain members of the league to go through the caves defenses and figure out exactly how the trespasser got in.

Elsewhere, Superman and Wonder Woman involve themselves in an international incident that may result in the targeting of the United States by terrorists. Wonder Woman poses the question to Superman about why they don’t take a more firm stance in the world and offer the world real help and do real work. Wonder Woman and Superman’s interference causes Batman to have to address their relationship and its effect on the league and the rest of the world.

The Justice Leagues two newest recruits, Atom and Firestorm, are wandering the watchtower when an unexpected guest arrives, who just happens to be one of the Justice Leagues most feared villains.

Johns exploration of the characters and introductions of new ones is well paced. Batman being relationship counselor to Superman and Wonder Woman feels out of place. The art by Reis is very tight but one or two panels feel convoluted. The return of this villain will be sure to shake up things in the next issue.

– Hotwing

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