HORROR BLOCK Review: December 2015

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Hey gang! The December Horror Block has finally arrived and hey, better late than never. Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts and some pics with all of you. First of all, what is Horror Block? This is a monthly mystery subscription service and branch of Nerd Block that comes in a cool box full of horror themed merchandise. Each box contains 5-6 horror themed items. December’s Horror Block themes include A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Walking Dead, Godzilla, Cthulhu and more! 

Witness the unboxing!

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A two-sided lobby card is included inside every box which shows you everything that you’ll be getting and a brief description about each item. This is a cool extra and a really nice touch. There’s also an extra card included this month that teases a few of the items that’ll be included inside the January Horror Block.

Behold the goodies!

horror block 12

The latest issue of Rue Morgue is included. The Witch is featured on the cover and there’s also a cool article inside about the upcoming horror movie as well as the mythology of witches. The issue also features the latest movie and music release news and lots more. This is a $9.95 value.

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I think just about every horror fan is familiar with the Zombie Hula Girl. This twisted take on the classic dashboard ornament is an Exclusive item that came inside the December box. She really does hula plus she even comes in a cool box. Approx a $9.95 value.

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Norman Reedus fans will get a kick out of this. Next up is Funko’s Pocket Pop! Keychain that features Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Yeah, you know that guy don’t you. This is a blood-splattered variant that is an Exclusive to Horror Block. Approx a $9.95 value.

horror block 14

Check out this Godzilla vs. Cthulhu print by artist Paul Hanley. This is an awesome print that will definitely get framed. Approx a $5.00 value.

horror block 11

One, two…Freddy’s coming for you! Everybody loves them some Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and the December box included this Exclusive plush from Bleachers Creatures. This one will go great with the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees plush from a few months back.  I know some people out there don’t really care for these but I dig them. Let’s see Leatherface next! Approx a $9.95 value.

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The December Horror Block pays its respects to Master of Horror Wes Craven who passed away back in August 2015. The t-shirt from Shirt Punch features a number of famous characters created by the iconic filmmaker. This red Gildan t-shirt is made of thick cotton and the screen printing and art looks really good up close. I’m guessing each shirt would cost you between $15.00-$25.00 at the mall, so this is a really good deal right here. When you subscribe, you let them know what size shirt you wear, it’s that easy.

horror block 2

As you can see this subscription service continues to be awesome. A monthly Horror Block subscription only costs $19.99. The shipping rates are as follows: ($8.75 to Canada, $9.50 to the U.S. and $12.50 Worldwide). So, for just under $30.00, this month’s subscription estimated between $60.00-$70.00 worth of merchandise inside the box. You even get a tracking link so you can keep up with your Horror Block once it’s shipped. I still have an issue with their slow shipping and hope they can get this corrected one of these days.

Bottom line is, Horror Block still comes recommended for horror fans all over the world and this November box was loaded with some cool merchandise! All you have to do to subscribe is click on the Horror Block links or the banner at the top of the page.

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