The Best TV Show Promos Of All Time

In this article, you will see the best TV show promos of all time. Most of them – if not all of them – had an award of some kind that brings them to the top. You will find that some of them are hilarious, while others have drama. On the other hand, there are a few thrillers and one that is a true story of someone who went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Some have been aired for some time but are still in the swing of a new season as they continue to be popular.

Some people may think an episode is just that, an episode; however, if there is meaning behind them, they are more interesting. The cast should portray a good sense of what their character is and play it well. Let’s take a look at a show that has won a People’s Choice award in 2016: The Big Bang Theory. They inspire their audience by getting into predicaments that we as a human race can connect to and understand. Some episodes can be hilarious while other can be devastating. The show is about the life of four scientists who stay friends and portray an enticing and interesting lifestyle.

They are currently airing their 10th season. In this new release, everyone gathers together to watch Leonard and Penny renew their vows. Things start to become awkward when they reveal that Leonard’s dad may have slept with Sheldon’s mom. If that wasn’t enough, then the drama begins to show up for Penny. Penny’s mother and brother made their first appearance on the show. As you watch them, you can’t help but see the tension between mother and son. The drama doesn’t stop there; for some reason or another, Penny’s dad seems to always to be in the middle of the drama. What will happen next?

Next, here are some inspiring thoughts from a Netflix series called Making a Murderer.  It is the true story of a man who spent 18 years in prison after wrongfully charged with sexual assault. He was exonerated, by DNA evidence in 2003 then arrested again but for murder in 2005. Did he do it? Who was it? Netflix announced, in July 2016, they were going to film another season; so, stay tuned to Netflix as they bring you up to date, in the future.

Homeland is definitely one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2017. This original drama features a bipolar CIA operative by the name of Carrie Matheson, who becomes obsessed by her desire to prove that a former prisoner of war is involved with Al-Qaeda and planning to undergo an attack within the US. With the first episode of season 6 set to run on January 15th, fans are bound to be excited about the year to come. For those of you who have arrived late to the show and haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, you should know that the entire Homeland series is currently available on Netflix.

Uncork’s Entertainment has claimed that the Fantastic Four Doc “Doomed!” – The Untold Story of Roger Corman is out for release in the U.S. The Fabulous Four series has always been about secrets, lies, conspiracy, and betrayal. However, this documentary will show footage that was in no way seen before, as well as newscasting that were never made known. Stay tuned as this secret footage is unfolded.

Also, in 2017, the TV series Shades of Blue will be airing a new drama series in March. This TV series is all about morality, justice, and the internal struggle that everyone has. It takes place in the prime crime area of New York City and makes you wonder what is around the next corner. What will happen next? Will they make the right choices or the wrong ones? Who is the corrupt detective and who is straight on the line? Stay tuned to find out what will be happening in March.

Games of Thrones is a TV show that always has you at the edge of your seat with all the adventurous battles. They strive to protect the ones they love and bring justice down on their enemies with a powerful army. They believe that justice has a price to pay and avenge those that cross that line. As you watch Games of Thrones, you can’t help but feel that you’re caught inside their world, as well as their drama. Thus far, no one seems to know what may be lurking around the next corner. What mixed up justice will they be into next?

In this article, you got the chance to hear about the best TV show promos over the years as well as the new episodes coming out in 2017. They brought you to action, drama, justice, comedy, and enticing thrillers that put you on the edge of your seat. Which one of these TV series is your favorite?

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